Saturday, November 12, 2011

Big Families

This past week the Duggers announced to the world that they are expecting their 20th baby!  Being the mother of 9 blessings, I'm thrilled for them.  I happened to read several comments that were posted in response to their news and they were so negative, that I wouldn't (or shouldn't) repeat them... How sad.  There are still those who believe we are overpopulating the world.  Logic: a mother and father having only 2 children are simply replacing themselves; it takes more than 2 children to reproduce!  Then think of the many that decide not to have any children at all.  The Christian community didn't respond too much better.  The hosts on Christian radio merely let out a "Wow!  Who has 20 kids?  I think it is hard enough to have 2!"

Big families are not the norm.  We get everything from disdain to awe, or usually a mixture of the two.  It is often a lonely road.  I hope my blog, along with others out there, will encourage you to strive to raise a godly seed for Christ, whether you have 1 child, or many.  It is my prayer that my small voice whispering the ordinary life and lessons of my family will inspire you to live LARGE for God...

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