Sunday, November 16, 2014

Eva's Frozen Birthday Party

Eva turned 6 at the end of October, and like many other little girls, requested a Frozen birthday party. With the help of her very creative sisters, we pulled it off, and had a lot of fun putting it together. And let me add, we did this whole party on a very tight budget, using many things we already had and filling in the rest with items from dollar and discount stores. I think Eva will remember her magical birthday for a long time to come. Her exclamations of  "this is the best birthday ever!" made it so worth while!

We picked light blue, teal, silver and white to create our winter wonderland. A simple white vase with some sticks from the backyard and a few glittery Christmas ornaments made a dazzling center piece. We covered the table with a bag of fake snow and added a few tea-lights in mason jars and more glittery snowflakes. We tied the napkins with string and silver icicles.

Her birthday banner was a few doilies and some teal glitter glue. We decorated the ceiling with more tinsel and Christmas tree ornaments. We added some snowballs by stringing cotton onto some cotton thread.

Our menu was super simple and very kid friendly. We had wraps with ham or turkey and cheese and grilled on the panini. We served these little pinwheels with honey mustard sauce. {I used GF wraps for Eva}. We also had Olaf noses (carrots) and jello cubes. I made the jello cubes healthy, using only gelatin and 100% grape juice. They were supposed to be blue, but since all of the juices that were blue were very artificial and loaded with food coloring, our ice was purple!

And everyone's favorite part of the meal were the Melted Olafs. I used plain coconut yogurt for Eva's Olaf, and Greek yogurt for the others.

Our birthday games included a "snowball treasure hunt" where we hid LOTS of cotton balls and had the children look for them. We also played "pin the nose on Olaf!"

For our craft we made icicle pictures. Simply mix epsom-salt with a little water (water should be very warm). Have the children paint winter pictures on a black piece of construction paper. When the picture dries up they will have a crystal picture. {When the crystals dry up it is a little messy; I suggest putting your finished art work inside a plastic sleeve} Alternately, you could make chalk drawings.

We also made each child some glittery snowball play-dough. Play-dough is always a big hit with children. For a free printable and for a recipe click here

We finished the festivities with, you guessed it, ANOTHER viewing of Frozen and Eva belting out "Let it go!" This girl can sing! I love to see how far she's come over this past year. The song "Do you want to build a snowman?" was the song that finally helped Eva learn to pronounce the "SN" sound. Before that she could never say the "S" - it just came out as "Noman." God is so good!

Big sister Elise hand drew Elsa and Anna and framed it for Eva's room- isn't it sweet?

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  1. What a fun idea, and incorporating a tight budget too. Well done. So glad to see Eva's interactions inprovements. THanks for sharing.