Friday, December 27, 2013

The Twins Turn 9

This post is way overdue, but I thought I'd post a few pictures of the twins' 9th birthday (which was in November), especially for the grandma (Oma) who lives far away. 

They say twins bring double the trouble, which at times is the case. But they also bring double the joy, laughter and smiles!

We celebrated their birthday with a farm theme. Right now they both really like farming. They would love to own a milk cow, some goats or maybe a few pigs- but for now they take care of  our chickens and the dogs.

They picked hotdogs, baked beans, chips & fruit for their birthday dinner {Eva's hotdog is missing from the picture since she is gluten free :) }

Red bandannas for my farm girls...

This was supposed to have grapes for the center, but my organic grapes were moldy- so I had to improvise and use apples instead. Oh well, the kids still liked it!

The girls made fun little name cards and we fastened them to the bowls with old-fashioned clothes pins

Raspberry tart for dessert (thank you Trader Joe's)- yum!

The kids enjoy decorating their place-mats. Here is Luke's creation...

These boys are the BEST of friends and do everything together

They are usually having fun or goofing off...

They look a lot alike and they like many of the same things, but they definitely are each unique. I am so thankful that God blessed our family with twin boys!

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