Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tower Garden

I bought a Tower Garden last summer and it is quickly becoming my favorite way of gardening. The Tower Garden is a vertical aeroponic growing system in which you can grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers. It is easier than growing in dirt- no kneeling, bending, tilling, pulling weeds or dirt to wash off your produce. There are also a whole lot less bugs to contend with (my favorite part!) You can grow a whole lot of produce in very little space. Although you can place it anywhere, its ideal for decks and patios.

I have my TG on my front porch where it gets both sun and shade, the perfect place to grow lettuce greens which we eat a lot of...

You start your seeds in rock fiber starter plugs, which come with your Tower Garden purchase. When the roots show through the end of the plug you can place the seedling into the net pot inside your tower garden. These lettuce plants are just 6 days old and ready to be added to the tower.

The plants below are several weeks old. We pick leaves daily for our salads. As plants get older and begin to bolt, I replace them with new seedlings. During these hot summer months I am using heat tolerant lettuce like Butercrunch and Summer Crisp. Mesclun varieties also do really well in the TG...

Maintenance is easy- just make sure the reservoir is filled during hot weather and test and maintain the pH levels twice a week.

To learn more about the Tower Garden, visit my website here.
(My tower garden is on a dolly built by my son so I can move it around easily. This accessory is also available to purchase.)

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