Friday, December 30, 2011


Laina with her Oma Dekker

Laina turned 17 today!  We enjoyed a rare afternoon together, going out for lunch and shopping at the outlets.  We got some great bargains- the benefit of having a birthday right after Christmas ;) 
The following is a poem she recently wrote for a school assignment about how quickly time goes by and we grow up.  Yes, time does go by quickly. I realize her time remaining at home will be shorter than the time she has already spent living with us... There is always a part of us that wants things to stay the same. But it is also exciting to see our children grow up and develop into who God created them to be.   I love you, Laina!!  My prayer for you is that you will live each day for the glory of God.
When I was little, everything was slow.
Birthdays took forever, years crawled by.
The future seemed an eternity away.
Slowly as I grew, time sped up.
As if my life were picking up speed,
Rolling, gaining momentum.
I used to count down the years,
16, 18, 20, old enough to be free.
Now all I want is for life to slow down.
It races along, pulling me with it.
Years hurtle past, some things I wish would last.
I grasp at things and realize,
It’s already a week past.
My next birthday is rapidly approaching.
I still feel like the one two years ago,
Happened yesterday.
When did life speed up?
Start racing me along?
Was it when I started growing up?
I wouldn’t mind being little,
And letting life crawl by.
Because all too soon I fear,
I’ll be old, and die.
(by Laina E. Van Wingerden)

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