Friday, September 5, 2014

Intro to Essential Oils

I was first introduced to essential oils over 15 years ago. Although a friend lent me a CD and it sounded very interesting, it seemed way "out there" in my nursing mind. Simply rubbing oils on your body and inhaling them could bring about healing? I wasn't all that convinced. Fast forward many years later, pregnant with my tenth baby, and my search began for natural remedies to help with pregnancy and delivery. I had used herbs with several pregnancies, but they all seemed to stimulate contractions before pregnancy, and didn't cause contractions when I needed them to! Baby # 9 had been 14 days late, so I really wanted to find natural, alternative remedies. My search led me to essential oils; I bought a few oils recommended for the last few weeks of pregnancy as well as for my birth, and I loved using them. I will share in a future post what oils I used for labor, delivery and postpartum as well.

I didn't give essential oils much more thought after that until a few of my kids came down with the whooping cough last fall. I immediately called a friend who also had gone through this horrible cough with her family and she gave me a few essential oils to give to my children, both to help those that were sick and to prevent those that weren't sick from getting it. The oils she gave me were Young Living Oils and I immediately saw a difference in these oils compared to the ones I had used previously. Half of my children, including my 11 month old baby, never got the whooping cough. You can read more about how we treated whooping cough here.

During this time I began to read up on and really study essential oils. My friend had given me several little booklets as well as a Reference Guide for using essential oils and I was fascinated by their many uses. My kids also caught on quickly and started using oils all on their own. We now use oils every day for all kinds of things- headaches, growing pains, poison ivy, rashes, concentration, relaxation, sleeping, burns, warts, sore throats, allergies, sore muscles, skin care and the list goes on. As the saying goes, there's an oil for everything! My 11 year old daughter is the oil expert in the family and the go-to person when someone needs her to rub some oils on! She even learned to do the Raindrop Technique, a great cleansing and healing technique using a variety of oils on the spine.

So what exactly are essential oils? They are the life blood of the plant. They are called essential because they are necessary for the plant to stay alive. In plants, these oils regulate growth (like hormones), help with plant metabolism (like enzymes), and help ward off diseases when the plant is damaged or cut. These life giving oils do much of the same thing when introduced to our human bodies. These oils consist of tiny molecules that can easily pass through all of our tissues and into our very cells- right through our cell membranes. Any essential oil placed anywhere on the body can reach every part of the body within minutes!

So, how do they compare to man-made pharmaceuticals?

                           DRUGS                                                         ESSENTIAL OILS

Druggists & Doctors want a drug to have no variation and to be very predictable. They strive for consistency.
Oils have variations from batch to batch making resistance to them impossible- there are too many variables, which make them work so well.
Bacteria become resistant to antibiotics and new, stronger drugs have to be formulated. Eventually this cycle will end- their days are numbered!
Oils are as effective today as they were thousands of years ago when used by ancient civilizations.
There certainly is a place for man-made drugs, especially in emergencies and life threatening situations. But their benefits are temporary, not causing true healing.
Oils can help boost the immune system and help our bodies bring true and lasting healing.
Antibiotics cannot fight viruses, so they are helpless against things like the common cold and flu.
Many essential oils are not only antimicrobial, but also combat viruses in the body making them very beneficial in fighting off colds and flu.
Most drugs don’t work well together and many contradict each other. Man-made pharmaceuticals confuse the body.
Oils can work together well in the body to achieve overall harmony and health.
Thousands of people die from physician administered drugs and procedures every year.
There is no recorded case of anyone ever dying from an essential oil that was administered according to common sense precautions.
Antibiotics kill all bacteria- both good and bad. This often causes more problems in the body.
Essential oils, by God’s design, kill only harmful bacteria and viruses, while leaving the friendly and useful ones alone.
Drugs are generally used for one specific use.
Oils can help with many functions in the body- for example; an oil like peppermint can clear the sinuses, relieve a headache, relieve heartburn, break a fever, take away itching and reduce inflammation, among many other things.
Drugs have many side effects.
Essential oils have no side effects and are safe to use. Many can be used during pregnancy.
Drugs make one dependent on the medical system, often for a life-time.
Using essential oils promotes health and often brings freedom from the medical system.

What sets Young Living oils apart from other companies? Many other companies add chemicals to enhance aroma or make their oils stretch. Young Living is the only company I know of that has the Seed-to-Seal guarantee. They grow their plants from seed, cultivate, distill, test and seal all their own oils.You are even welcome to tour a distillery. Young Living oils are so safe that most single oils can even be taken internally. It is vital that the oils you use are pure.

If you're ready to enjoy the amazing benefits of oils, you have 2 options. You can either purchase them at a retail price here. OR you can become a Young Living member and enjoy all the oils at wholesale pricing. You can find more information here.

{There is a great testimonial website where you can search what oils help for varying conditions OR you can type in the name of an oil to see how other people have used it. You do have to register, but it's free! The link is here}

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