Saturday, March 23, 2013


The following is a short piece written by one of my daughters. I love how she captures the coming of a new season through her words. As much as I enjoy different aspects of all of the seasons, I must say that Spring is my favorite time of the year. Happy Spring!

            The earth took a deep breath, feeling the sun rise over the edge of the horizon. She exhaled, the warm wind flying over the dirt and bare-branched trees.
            It was tentative at first, just the bravest of grass stems peeping out of the frozen ground, only the most courageous of buds peering from the trees. And then she stretched and yawned, the whole earth waking up after months of snow, ice, and cold in her very bones.
            A bird, with feathers as blue as the waking sky, sang proudly, the first before the others followed in chorus, rising in crescendo.
            That first warm wind skimmed over sidewalks, coaxing up daffodils and crocuses, tapping on windows, and tugging loose hair. It ruffled the pages of schoolbooks, flipped over sheets of homework, caught up anything light enough and carried it away.
            Don’t stay inside, come out, come out! Spring is here!
            The earth smiled lazily, basking in the warming light as fresh carpet grew over fields and hills, snow slinking back up to the cold mountain peaks to hide away until Winter returned. Ladybugs and butterflies appeared like rainbow confetti in the grass, and a spider spun silver thread to dance across the tree branches.
            Cold fingers warmed, lips tilted upwards into smiles, hearts lifted.
            It was another day, but not just any day.
            This was Spring.

[Copyright Laina Van Wingerden, 2013. Used with permission]

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