Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gotta love those little helpers!

Eva is my intense, high maintenance child.  We lovingly call her "Evil" because she gets into trouble regularly! She recently turned 3, but I find myself looking forward to her turning 5 or 6, thinking life has got to be easier with her at that age!  But then the Holy Spirit convicts me that I need to be enjoying her at this present age, not merely tolerating her.  A few days ago, she was trying my patience again, and my first instinct was to turn on a video for her to get her out of the way while I was preparing dinner.  Then I got the idea to let her help me, as the older girls usually do.  I pulled up a stool and she began peeling carrots!  It was so sweet... she was actually doing a great job.  Of course I had to go back and "fix" most of them, but the triumph in her face was so precious.  After I cut the veggies, she carefully placed them in the soup pot for me.  She also placed all of the scraps in a bucket for the chickens.  I was reminded again that a little time invested pays off in the long run.  Instead of impatiently pushing her out of the way, I enjoyed making soup with my little "helper."

Other ways I have found to keep little ones occupied is letting them play with a small bin of water and a few little dolls or animals.  I place a large towel on the floor close by or they go play on the back porch.  I'm also a big fan of homemade play-dough.  It is super easy to make and my kids spend hours making things with it.  This is especially helpful during school time when they need to stay occupied.  I also have found rotating toys to be a good distraction.  Taking out a bin of toys they haven't played with in a while sparks new creativity and keeps them busy.

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